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After assisting hundreds of satisfied clients to import vehicles into Australia, J-Spec Imports has decided to expand our operation to offer the same service to customers who wish to take advantage of the Canadian 15 year old rule. With our existing contacts and infrastructure in Japan and years of experience, Canada is the logical progression for our business as we will be able to provide knowledge, abilities and experience far in excess of any other import brokers.

As well as many years of experience importing cars to Australia, we have also had orders and enquiries coming from numerous other countries including the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Norway, Aruba, Germany, New Zealand, the US, as well as Canada and others.

New features will be added to this site shortly, please check back for updates over the coming weeks. 

As well as buying cars from the major auctions each week, we have access to a massive number of vehicles that are in stock with car dealers, private sellers and our regular agents in Japan. 

Usually vehicles of particular interest (either particularly good condition, rare or unique, or just bargain prices) are placed here.

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One of our most popular features if the unique ability to purchase cars from dealers in any region of Japan, and more importaintly the network we have set up which can allow us to have most of these cars inspected in person by our mechanics – this means that you can access more cars through us and be a lot more certain of the condition before handing over your cash.

As well as a detailed condition report, the mechanic will also send dozens of additional photos check here to see an example

We have access to more than 55 dealer only auctions around Japan each week, with a total of over 90,000 cars listed between them – data is updated daily with a new selection of cars that will be sold on that day, and previous auction sale prices will be online soon also. 

The section of our website will allow you to search through all of the cars available at dealer auctions today. 


If you have any questions about our service or need more information about importing in general, please feel free to contact us.

We do not have a public phone number in Canada at this stage so please use email as your first point of contact for general enquiries.
Once you are ready to purchase a specific car or become an active client so we can start searching for something that meets your requirements then you will be given access to our Canadian toll free 1800 number for easier contact.


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